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8D Methodology

The 8D Problem Solving Methodology is a systematic approach used for solving the real problems, the method helps to quickly find a full answer to the problem.

What is PPAP?

The Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is used in the automotive supply chain to establish confidence in component suppliers and their production processes.

What is KPC/KCC?

The KPC/KCC stands for Key Product Characteristics / Key Control Characteristics.

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Welcome to KSPQM SYSTEM!

KSPQM SYSTEM (KYMCO Supplier Part Quality Management System) is aimed for ease of part management under pre-production stage. KSPQM is consisted by many quality assurance standard including 8D Reports, SPQM, Kpc/Kcc and PPAP status. This system is proposed by KYMCO QC Dec 2007 and developed by MIS group, KYMCO IT. on a joint venture basis.

KYMCO SPQM SYSTEM is still under development. As of today (Sep 10,2008), the 8D Report & LOP (List of Open Issue) systems are fully operational, and other systems will be online very soon. A complete system is scheduled for early 2009. In order to achieve better performance and reduce project lead time, several technologies are utilized.

KSPQM is powered by

  1. Apache Axis 2
  2. Apache Struts 2 Framework
  3. Apache Tiles 2
  4. Apache Velocity
  5. Dojo Toolkit
  6. Hibernate 3
  7. Open Symphony Quartz
  8. Spring Framework
  9. Sun Microsystem J2EE

What can MIS group do for you?

Simply a better future.....

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